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The Fraser Valley Labour Council is a chartered body of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). With more than 3 million unionized workers in Canada, we are everywhere, including your community.

Members of unions that form the Fraser Valley Labour Council work at almost every type of job. You can find them working in offices, supermarkets, factories, forests, the media, construction sites, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, schools, transportation systems, and even the corner coffee shop.

The Fraser Valley Labour Council was chartered in February of 2007 and there are almost 12,000 union members affiliated. We represent union members who live in the Fraser Valley and Canyon, from Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope and Mission to Agassiz, Harrison, Lytton and Boston Bar areas.

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What do we do?

Connecting with Communities as Working Citizens

While our victories come in many forms, our goals are always the same — to get results for working people and demonstrate what can be accomplished when we work together in solidarity. If you are not organized but want to join a union, the Fraser Valley Labour Council can put you in touch with a union organizer in your area.

For the labour movement, working people are more than just union members. They are working citizens who understand that the political decisions made at the legislature in Victoria, City Hall, or by the local Town Council, have a direct connection to the bargaining table and the workplace.

They know that beyond what their unions can negotiate in their collective agreements, political decisions can either improve or have a negative effect on their quality of life and the standard of living enjoyed by their families and their communities.

Without the important work of grassroots, local leaders, and activists, social progress would be impossible.

The Fraser Valley Labour Council works together with community-based organizations that share these values, goals and concerns of working people and their families.

The Fraser Valley Labour Council is focused on improving our communities through:

• Educating union activists through providing and supporting labour education courses

• Lobbying on workers’ issues & rights

• Campaigning to highlight working families’ issues

• Organizing more union members

• Building stronger communities


We're Part of the Union Advantage

For more than half a century the Canadian Labour Congress and its affiliated unions have been the unified voice for working families. The Fraser Valley Labour Council now a part of that voice.

It’s a fact that unionized workers have better job security, translating to increased security for their families. Unions negotiate for better wages and working conditions, better pensions and benefits, safer workplaces and protection from unfairness in the workplace. When working people do well, their workplaces thrive, our communities are stronger, and we have a better country.

The Union Advantage means having someone in your corner to help bring fairness and balance into your workplace.

• Provide labour education

• Lobby governments on workers' issues and rights

• Work on campaigns to support working families' issues

• Help to encourage more union members

• Help to build stronger communities

Fraser Valley Labour Council Officers, Executive Board Members & Trustees

Current: February, 2015


President: Brian Harder, USW

Secretary: Daniella Pohl, BCGEU

Treasurer: Kathy Gowdridge, UFV-FSA

Executive Board Members

Current: March, 2015

CUPE: Mike Annesley

UFCW: Bruce Temple

USW: Randy Dillion

BCTF: Alfred Hubner

UFV-FSA: Vicki Bolan

COPE: Heather Lee

UNIFOR: Lynda Morrice

PSAC: Anthony Paller

IBEW: Doug McKay

CUPW: Donna Burns

CEU: Toni Murray

BCGEU: position vacant


Linda Sonmor, BCGEU (serving until 2016)

Paul Albrecht, CUPE (serving until 2017)

Pete Butcher (serving until 2018)

CLC Rep:

Amandeep Nijjar

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