March, 2018

Support Safeway workers today!


From the FVLC via UFCW 1518


Sobeys recently announced the closure of 10 Safeways throughout the lower mainland. In the Fraser Valley, the Safeway in Mission is one of the stores set to close. Sobeys said it *might* re-open five of the 10 Safeway locations as FreshCo, the company’s discount banner from Ontario but only if it receives a “discount collective agreement.” The full list of stores set to close is below. 


Sobeys is threatening to close these stores as a tactic to pressure workers into accepting concessions at the bargaining table. They claim the closures are in response to the demand for discount stores from customers. British Columbians are not looking for “discounted” and low quality product but product they can afford. This speaks more to the affordability crisis in this province then the alleged demand for discount stores. We have an opportunity here to stand in solidarity with UFCW and fight these union busting tactics and improve a situation that will benefit everyone. 


Workers deserve a living wage and fair working conditions. Costumers deserve good costumer service and good quality product. This means adequately staffing and stocking of stores - not cutting every corner with regards to customers, workers and product simply for the owners and shareholders to increase their profit. 


Please follow this link and participate in the UFCW Letter Writing Campaign - especially if you are in an affected community. Encourage your friends, coworkers and family in those communities to do the same. 


The following locations will be closing permanently:

· Safeway, Lougheed Mall, Burnaby

· Safeway, City Square, Vancouver

· Safeway, Sunwood Square, Coquitlam

· Safeway, Point Grey, Vancouver

· Safeway, Royal Oak, Burnaby


The following locations will be closing, but may reopen as FreshCo.:

· Safeway, Blundell, Richmond

· Safeway, Broadmoor, Richmond

· Safeway, Newton Town Center, Surrey

· Safeway, Strawberry Hills, Surrey

· Safeway Mission

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